How & Why

FoodScript was created out of our desire to educate and inform other parents of the effects foods can cause on our children. We realized that after countless hours of internet research, reading books by leaders in this field and several “alternative” practitioners visits, between the two of us we were able to start putting the pieces of information together. Our pharmaceutical training allowed us to look at foods as chemicals, and therefore the importance of their structure and effects in the body.
We found individual sources talking about such important topics as leaky gut, autism, food effects and increasing childhood ailments but no one was making it all easily accessible or understandable for the average parent. Most of the information we read explaining the effects and connection between the gut, childhood illness or behavior either severely restricted the diet or spoke only about those with autism.
We decided on our own to remove certain foods from our children’s diets according to the information we discovered and found resolution of problems.
Why are we being told our child is fine only because they are not in the extreme of illness? A child who is pleasant, does well in school but is constantly ill in some way is not perfectly healthy. We may be told by health practitioners that the regular stomachaches or headaches is just something the child will have to deal with and is of no concern. There are explanations of these ailments out there, but it takes a lot of research and time to find them and then some understanding of it all to believe in it.

Our personal stories

Lorie is a mother of 3 girls and was the first to implement diet changes within her family. All 3 presented with colic at infancy to which dairy sensitivity was first recognized. Later when daughter #2 was in Kindergarten, the "red flags" began to appear and at the age of 7 she was professionally diagnosed as Oppositional Defiant Disorder : anger management issues resulting in rage, defiance over any & every little thing, threats to run away, violent behavior, death threats. It was mother's intuition to try a gluten free diet, as it was already established that dad has a gluten intolerance (not celiac). Three weeks after a GF diet, 80% of daughter #2's issues were resolved. It later took 2 more yrs to fine tune things, however for her, it was additionally dairy (casein), nitrates, soy, corn starch, HFCS, BHT, choc. liquor that were her offenders. She never required medication & to this day is a very normal and happy child self-motivated to excel academically.

Frances is a mother to a boy and girl and has been friends with Lorie for years. Once comparing notes on their children, they started talking more frequently when describing similar rage and defiance with her son. Lorie walked Frances through the process of removing gluten, dairy, soy, preservatives, and colorings. Regularly keeping food diaries and noting behavior, including and excluding foods periodically for over a year. With each food removal, more and more behavior improvements were noted. At the same time, the same diet changes were implemented on the daughter who had been complaining of periodic headaches and stomachaches. She too experienced improvements in her symptoms and all were completely resolved with 4 weeks. Surprisingly, the children took very well to the food changes as active participants in their own health and would comment on how much better they felt.

All of the children have now been tested with ALCAT and either confirmed foods already removed or gave insight into further food removals. For some children, certain foods were allowed back in based on results.
Once we found the ALCAT test and had other families test, all the positive stories and comments fueled our passion to continue helping other parents and children.


We have found through our own experiences, that due to the symptom trends in children today, it is important to look at holistic avenues in order to find solutions. Though we have been in the medical field as clinical pharmacists for the past 16 years, and medications may sometimes be necessary in some situations, we may be able to heal our children and our own bodies through holistic means. Unfortunately, for many, these types of practitioners are not locally available or are not covered by insurance and can therefore be costly. Between the two of us, we have seen almost every kind of alternative healthcare provider available in our area. The main aspect of each of these therapies was food removals and gut healing. We want to make these steps more accessible to families struggling to find answers for their own children. Our intention is NOT to have you forgo conventional medical therapy, however, to enable you the opportunity to find solutions holistically through diet and supplements.

Functional medicine realizes that different body areas are connected and therefore a main area of focus is the overall health of the GUT.



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