Food sensitivities or intolerances affect over 80% of the population while less than 5%

actually have an IgE (immediate) or "true" food allergy.

If you have tried an elimination diet in the past, but did not see the results you expected, you may want to consider testing for foods you may not have thought to eliminate. If you feel you have already done a comprehensive elimination from your child's diet but need help with supplementation in order to assist in gut healing, you can contact us for a consult.

Can I ask my Pediatrician, MD, or Allergist about ALCAT?

More and more physicians are accepting Leukocyte technology for identification of delayed food sensitivities. Allergist are primarily concerned with immediate allergy reactions provoked by IgE mediation. Other physicians utilize other delayed immunoglobulin markers like IgG, IgA, IgM to test for delayed food reactions, however, these results are only as accurate as the recent intake of these foods and the reproducibility is not consistent.
Your physician may also be hesitant to endorse simply because of lack of experience or knowledge.

ALCAT vs Elimination Diets

In today's world, elimination diets can be very cumbersome simply because many foods contain ingredients from many different food groups. For example, gluten and dairy ingredients are in many different products together. For children, it can be very trying to eliminate a food group for weeks at a time when more than one offender may be the issue. It is very common that if food sensitivities occur, it is likely that there is more than one offender. In addition, identification of additives, colorings, and preservatives is challenging.

What does it entail?

Testing via ALCAT does not require fasting nor does it require avoidance or reintroduction of any food groups.

A child as young as 6 months of age may test.
The ALCAT test may be something to consider if reflux, colic, congestion, or your infant is still not sleeping through the night.

Can these foods ever be tolerated again?

After 6-9 months of gut healing, some food sensitivities may be healed and food may be re-introduced and tolerability regained. However, more than likely, this is NOT the case with gluten and dairy and will remain a life-long sensitivity. It is important to know that your body chemistry can change every 9-12 months based on food intake habits, other medications and illness.

Why go through all of this!

Medications help cover the problem or alleviate the symptoms but not provide a solution. This allows you to take an active role in solving the problem. We have found that many of these kids want to get involved in these diet modifications as they know they don't feel good or act like their friends or cannot control themselves. Many times we hear from parents that the kids are actively involved, excited to try a solution and when they recognize the positive effects, they are more than willing to stay on the diet.

A big misconception among parents, we believe, is that many of those seeking answers are only seeing diets discussed amongst children on the autism spectrum. Although studies, years of existence and thousands of families swear by an elimination diet for the autistic child for improvements, it is still not officially accepted by most pediatricians or the standard conventional physician. Parents need to realize that in order to find the answer for your child, you may have to trust your gut, trust a fellow mom and trust a change in diet is what your child needs in order to improve their health.


Has someone suggested an elimination diet?

If a practitioner has suggested an elimination diet, they usually begin with gluten &/or dairy & then slowly remove more foods as necessary. This requires evaluating if the elimination trial has been long enough, whether more foods need to be removed, & then re-introduction of foods to confirm their sensitivities. All while keeping in mind, that some food reactions may take anywhere from 24-72 hours to surface. Some symptoms are known not to resolve for weeks or even months following food removal. Although we began our journeys this way, we find this is not practical for most families we meet. Either the parents do not have the time and energy for this process or the child may not stay with the elimination process very long. We wanted to find a way, where the families & child could see for themselves on a blood result report what foods needed to be eliminated. We have really enjoyed hearing how anxious the kids get awaiting their results & how enthusiastic they have been following "their list". Once they are told "their food rules" they want to follow them & we also believe that they want to be a part of healing their own bodies.

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