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Specializing in Integrative Pharmacy/Nutrition. Providing consulting to assist with dietary modifications to optimize food elimination diets, recommend pharmaceutical grade supplements, combo food antigen test, & other tests to address foundational health and improve/correct gut health in today's compromised population. An Integrative Pharmacist is a licensed pharmacist, who is a graduate of an accredited college of pharmacy & has completed additional training in specific integrative and complementary therapies that encompassing the mind, body, spirit approach to health and wellness, & has a minimum of 5 years of practice experience. 

As a respected licensed healthcare provider, the Integrative Pharmacist interacts with the patient, the physician and other healthcare providers to offer solutions in a team approach that will encourage each patient to assume individual responsibility for his/her healthcare choices, thereby improving overall quality of life. 

FoodScript specializes in the following:

  • Pediatric Wellness

  • Autoimmune Support

  • Preconception Health

Pharmaceutical Grade Product Lines


  • Allegany

  • Allergy Research Group

  • American Biologics

  • Argentyn 23

  • Bairn Biologics

  • Barleans

  • Biobotanical Research

  • Designs for Health

  • Diem Labs

  • Emerson Ecologics

  • Flora Health Inc

  • Houston Enzymes

  • Immunetree

  • Innate Response

  • Kirkman

  • Klaire Labs

  • Metagenics

  • Microbiome Labs

  • NuMedica

  • Nordic Naturals

  • Nutritional Frontiers

  • NWC Naturals

  • Orthomolecular

  • Pure Encapsulations

  • Thorne

  • Xymogen

  • Vital Nutrients

Access Code: foodrx

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