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Lorie L. Roman, PharmD, CPh


  • Pediatric Wellness 



  • Autoimmune Support

  • Food Sensitivities & Histamine Intolerance

  • Preconception Health  

                [BEFORE & DURING PREGNANCY]

Lorie's Story


Lorie Roman is a Tampa Native who earned her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Mercer University in Atlanta, completed her pharmacy practice residency at Bay Pines VAMC and continues part-time employment there since 1997.


In 2012, she began FoodScript, LLC and practices Integrative Pharmacy.  She offers autoimmune support for chronic inflammatory insults, preconception health and pediatric nutrition services providing alternative options to wellness not typically offered via a traditional practicing physician. She especially loves working with new mothers helping to navigate root cause issues for reflux, colic, eczema and food related behaviors (contributing to anger, rage, defiance, anxiety), after being established by a specialist. She stocks professional grade supplement lines and makes recommendations based on results of food sensitivity & allergy testing, genetic methylation panels, micronutrient status, neurotransmitter reports and intestinal barrier assessment. 


Additionally, she is a consultant and Director with Beautycounter since 2015 and supports the movement of advocating for safer personal care products in the US due to the significant lack of regulation as compared to the European and Canadian standards.  With the rising cases of allergies, autoimmune disease, ADHD and cancers, environmental insults together with compromised clearing abilities due to gene mutations, fuels her passion for educating others.

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